A picturesque Church of St. John the Baptist is a branch of the parish of Srednja vas in Bohinj. It stands on a hill along Lake Bohinj and together with the stone bridge represents one of the biggest sights of Bohinj. It was built before 1300 and represents an important cultural and historical monument, which is why it is also under cultural heritage protection.

There are various styles in the church, from romance to baroque. Very interesting is the wooden head of Janez Krstnik from 1380, which is kept by the Institute for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage. The frescos of the church are also famous, with the oldest ones dating from the 13th century. There are also some 72 different saints and other motifs painted. In three layers on the southern outer wall there are three paintings of St. Christopher who is the patron of pilgrims, travelers, drivers, carriers, rafters and boatmen.



On the inside of the arch of the church of St. John the white devil storms the imagination, sitting on Cain’s neck and whispering to him about murderous inclinations. This special feature was also seen by the famous French writer Jean Paul Sartre, when he was visiting Bohinj in the sixties of the last century.

Professor Marija Cvetek, a high school student at that time, showed him and his companions the church.

And when they saw the white devil, some of them attributed this color to mythological parables, while others were guessing whether the black color had faded throughout centuries. When I commented that it would then fade elsewhere, it was thought that this must have happened, but somewhere else this is not as noticeable as with the devil.


MAY (Friday, Saturday, Sunday): from 9.00 to 18.00
JUNE, JULY, AUGUST (every day): from 9.00 to 21.00
SEPTEMBER (Friday, Saturday, Sunday): from 9.00 to 18.00

Out-of-season tour is possible by arrangement.


Tickets are being sold in our store.

Church 2,00€
Guided tour of the bell tower 2,00€
Church + Guided tour of the bell tower 3,00€

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In the Church of St. John the Baptist we offer an attractive rise via stairs to the belfry. The latter is 35 m high and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area of the church, Lake Bohinj and the surrounding mountains. The price for the “rise” to the belfry is 2.00 € per person.


In a small shop inside the church you can buy simple and beautiful gifts, souvenirs and religious items.


In the Church of St John the Baptist:

April 29 at 15.00
June 24 at 10.00
August 29 at 10.00

Other holy masses in our parish:
Monday, 19.30, St Margaret in Jereka
Tuesday, 19.30, parish chapel in Srednja vas
Thursday, 7.00, parish chapel in Srednja vas
Friday, 19.30, parish chapel in Srednja vas
Saturday, 19.30, parish chapel in Srednja vas
Sunday (from July 1st to September 2nd)
7.00, the parish in Srednja vas
9.00, the parish Church of St Martin
11.00, Church of the Holy Spirit by lake Bohinj

16.00, the chapel on Uskovnica
19.30, Church of St Paul in Stara Fužina

Aug 8, 11.00, holy mass on the Vogar hill by the cottage
Aug 15, Assumption of Mary – Sunday’s mass schedule
Aug 18, 11.00, holy mass on hill at Kraj


In the Church of St. John you can get married and confirm your love before God, thus create an unforgettable day of your life.


At the reception in the church, you can donate for holy masses. Your donations will be given to the Church of St. John the Baptist or elsewhere. You can also light a candle that symbolizes your presence with the great saint.


Evangelists Matthew and Luke report what Jesus said about him: “Truly, I say to you, born from a woman, there is no one greater than John the Baptist.” John was therefore greater than all patriarchs and prophets of the old testament: the first ones were given the promise of the Savior, others predicted the Messiah. John the Baptist was Messiah’s predecessor, he saw Him with his physical eyes, introduced him to the people and baptized Him. It is understandable, then, why the Church celebrates this great man with two holidays, celebrating his double birth: on June 24 the Church celebrates the solemn feast of his birth for this world and for the mission of Jesus’ predecessor, and on August 29 the Church recalls his martyrdom and birth to heaven.

He was the “messenger of the birth and death” of the Son of God. The English spiritual writer St Bede Honorable, who died in 735, explains: “With his birth he announced the birth of Christ, proclaimed the proclamation of Christ and testified with baptism for Christ. Finally, with his suffering, he prophesied the suffering of Christ. There is no doubt that John the Baptist suffered prison and restraints because of the testimony of the Savior. Otherwise, the persecutor did not ask him to give up Christ, but to give up the truth; nevertheless he died for Christ, for it is Christ whi declares: I am the truth.”


Vsemogočni Bog,
svetega Janeza Krstnika si poklical,
da bi Kristusu Gospodu
pripravil popolno ljudstvo;
V njegovem predhodniku svetem Janezu
slavimo tvojo veličastnost. Med rojenimi od žená
si ga odlikoval s posebno častjo.

Že pred rojstvom se je vzradoval
bližine Odrešenika človeštva in s svojim rojstvom
mnogim prinesel veselje. Edini izmed vseh
prerokov je pokazal Jagnje, ki odrešuje svet.